thoughts on war


I have never fought in a battle, nor am i likely to, for i would rather be the ghost of a dead man then the one who shot him. so maybe i have no write to my own opinion on war. but i do have one. i will not pretend that i know  more about theses things then anyone out there, i mean I’m in 8th grade for heavens sake, why should you listen to me? but  i suppose if no one ever listened to the younger generation then nothing would ever change.

thoughts on war

i believe, like so many that war is a horrible invention caused more by idiocy then malice that we should strive to abolish. however in that endeavor i believe we have found a hopeless case simply  because human beings need conflict. we insist that we have some lofty purpose when all along we were fighting to prove our strength and power. so no, i don’t believe we shall ever achieve world peace, but then again no one ever believed we could reach the moon now did they.


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