before time passed in lurching regularity

or colors were taped to there objects,

way back when stars were candles

and death was an optional thing.


i caught the wind.


the sent of blue sky just after lighting still comes to mind

the cats breath breeze ghosting over my skin.

i, a child who thinks he has ensnared an insect,

the wind in my cupped hand ,

peering eagerly to see-

i found it had flown.


and still i look

even now, years later when color is flat and time is rough.

i follow the wind into full  sails and  on top of tall sea cliffs.

i keep my hands open, because someday-

i’ll catch it

-paris blye


every inch a hero


i just read a beautiful post on feminism and so in the spirit of that i decided to shear a very abridge version of the life of one of the most interesting heroins this world has ever known, and my personal hero.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of aquitaine was a young duchess who lost both her parents at a very young age, and soon after married king Lewis the pious. Eleanor was very strong minded and, frankly manipulative. she had lewis raped around her finger so well that he even consented to let her accompany him on a crusade. however after a few years of boredom Eleanor had had enough and divorced him to marry a young noblemen, named henry, with whom she would go on to concur both France and England, before hearing of his affair with Rosamund the fair, and being thrown into prison for allegedly turning there children against him [which admittedly was completely her]. when freed from prison years later she continued to move about the world in a flurry of action until death. Eleanor had 10 children, between her two husbands, all of whom she out lived accept her least favorite child, prince John. she also helped to better the ways in which woman of that time were treated.

mind the way you fall

thinking is hard but i need the thrill

i live in dreams, life bent to will

words are colors this is why i wright

this may seam wrong but i don’t take flight

no, i fall deep, water shutting my eyes

this is thrilling i don’t know why anyone flies

sway a story with your lightest touch

a single word can stand for much

twisted fables to catch a web

weaving a weft to some life thread

rest your eyes, few pages are bare

your sweeping tale will now sleep there

-paris blye

thoughts on war


I have never fought in a battle, nor am i likely to, for i would rather be the ghost of a dead man then the one who shot him. so maybe i have no write to my own opinion on war. but i do have one. i will not pretend that i know  more about theses things then anyone out there, i mean I’m in 8th grade for heavens sake, why should you listen to me? but  i suppose if no one ever listened to the younger generation then nothing would ever change.

thoughts on war

i believe, like so many that war is a horrible invention caused more by idiocy then malice that we should strive to abolish. however in that endeavor i believe we have found a hopeless case simply  because human beings need conflict. we insist that we have some lofty purpose when all along we were fighting to prove our strength and power. so no, i don’t believe we shall ever achieve world peace, but then again no one ever believed we could reach the moon now did they.